Revitalization and promotion of cultural patrimony of minorities from Oltenia in the context of cultural diversity


University of Craiova was founded in 1947. Its mission is to promote education and scientific research in agreement with integration requests in knowledge society which assumes consolidation and development of European Space of Education and Scientific Research throght excellent promotion on the level of all activites and developed processes. Taking into account the framing of the institution, according to Universitary Charta, on the level of estate institutions for Superior education and scientific research (university of type A). The institution shares The Declaration from Lima about Academic Liberty and The Authonomy of Instituions of Superior education (1988) and Magna Charta of European Univerisities (Bologna, 1988) and it is member of Association Of European Univerisites, International Association of Universities and University Agency of Francophony (UAF). The applicant creates and sustains permanently cooperation and colaboration links with representative universities in E.U., U.S.A. and other states. Our institution contributes at the local, regional and national development from economic-social, scientific, cultural and political point of view, in agreement with the necessities of the community. The education processes and research are dynamic, innovative, opening to graduates’ expectations and demands in the future. It has 15 faculties, offering the students training terms in 131 area, of which 62 areas of universitary studies, 49 areas in master and 20 area in doctorate. The number of students recorded a continuously increase, reaching now at about 30.000. The faculty of Letters has partners for ERASMUS program in: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey.

The Institute of Ethnography and Folklore „C. Brăiloiu”
The Institute of Ethnography and Folklore „Constantin Brailoiu” is a structure of multidisciplinary research, of socio-human orientation. Its main taskis to develop fundamental and advanced studies about the phenomenon of traditional and contemporary popular culture, rural and urban, in folklore areas (literary folklore), ethnomusicology, ethnography, ethnochorelogy and multimedia archives, unconventional in folklore.

MF – The Norwegian Institute of Theology
MF – The Norwegian Institute of Theology, Oslo is a university specialized in the area of theologic studies, the greatest in Norway. MF is one of the prestige research center, offering two programs of doctorate studies, a professional license in theology, eight master programs and four license programs. The institution has three departments: Department of theology, Department of religious education and pedagogical studies and Department of religion and society. MF- The Norwegian Institute of Theology was founded in 1908 as an independent theological school, its purpose was the priests’ education who followed to serve the Norwegian Church (Lutheran). The theological erudition and the prestige accumulated were doubled by an increase of number of students, so many years MF is by far away the greatest theological institution in Norway. It trained approximately 70% of clergy in Norwegian Church (Lutheran), as well as teachers, catechism instrustors, missionars and other servants of the church and society. MF teaches the clergy Of Chatolic Church and Methodist Church; it offers also courses and theological pentecostal diploma and for Salvation Army. The institution became gradually an international one with global direction both students and speacializations and study programs. MF considers nowadays, over the world there is a tight link between serving the local church and the the commitment to global Christianity.