Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

02 Jul. 2015

In the 2nd of July 2015, occurred the second cultural workshop of this project, at University House in Craiova. The workshop takes part in Activity 5 Exchange experience and good practices between partner cultural organizations.

The event reunited 36 participants: the two experts in interethnic and religious studies in Norwegian Institute of Theology in Oslo, Norway (Partner 2), the expert in inventory of autochthonous historical sources (Partner 1), expert curator Ion Balosu, sociology expert  PhD Dumitru Otovescu, representatives of: Albanian cultural association leagues in Oltenia (President Oana Manolescu, deputy of Albanian minorities in Romanian Parliament), Greek Community in Craiova (President Ion Vasoianis), Hebrew Community in Oltenia (president PhD Corneliu Sabetay), Romeo Tiberiade- President of Gypsy Party in Dolj, local and regional mass media, volunteer students, public people interested of minorities' culture in Oltenia.

The development of the event included: presentation of stage about preparing the exhibit permanent collection about minorities' cultures, presentation of researching stage to achieving the interdisciplinary study, presentation of information campaign stage which has remained pending till the end of the project, questions and answers session between the representatives of ethnic communities and the experts of the two partners having the theme of cohabitation good practices and projects developed to sustain the intercultural dialogue with ethnic communities.

The event benefited from the covers in media through: publishing two press releases on the website of University of Craiova and Radio Romania Oltenia Craiova; a press release in written press- regional newspaper "Cuvantul Libertatii"; an interview made by the communication expert- Gabriela Rusu Pasarin- regional radio station Radio Romania Oltenia Craiova; a radio report made by the communication expert and broadcasted by Radio Romania Oltenia .

Press releases can be found on the following addresses: