Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

23 Jul. 2015

The 4th cultural evening developed on the 23rd of July 2015 at University House in Craiova. This action is part of Activity 6.2. Proper development of the collection and events.

This evening was dedicated to Gypsy ethnic miority and it reunited 35 participants, for example: the representatives of Gypsy organizations- Gypsy Party Association- Pro Europe Dolj headquarter, Cultural Center of Gypsies Dolj and Credis Asssociation (Educatio, Development and Social Inclusion Center), the representative of Association "Craiova- European Cultural Capital 2021", the experts of implementation team, students and other visitors interested by the project theme.

Agenda of the event included the following moments:

  • Visiting the photo exhbition having the theme "Gypsies' portraits deported in 1942" opened in University House, the moment when Mr. Zamfir Antoniu- President of Association Craiova European Cultural Capital 2021- spoke about the importance of promoting the minorities in competition for the recognition of Craiova City as Europan cultural capital;
  • Presentation of the activities stage made by the project manager associate PhD Carmen Banța;
  • Interview made by sociology expert PhD Dumitru Otovescu with Mr. Gheorghe Galiceanu, the representative of Gipsy community, about his experience of his and his family deportation,  in Transnistria in 1942 and his coming back in Romania; the interview included also questions about relationships men-women in the past and present (customs, roles, changes)  and about the evolution of Gypsies' types of occupations in the past and present;
  • Romeo Tiberiade –the president of Gypsies Party made a presentation of traditional costumes of Gypsies for women and men, of different generations (Gypsy women participated at the event, wearing traditional costumes and explaining the significance of certain clothes according to the age and community status); also Romeo Tiberiade spoke about types of Gypsies and the differences between them (clothes, crafts, types of settlements and houses);
  • The coordinator of cultural studies- Mr. Nicu Panea- spoke about the exchange of good practices made during the study visit developed in Oslo Norway, in the period of 7-9th of May 2015, remarking the part for the Gypsies in Intercultural Museum in Oslo, the part which included information about Gypsies' slaverz during the period of Romanian Principalities and underlining in this was the importance of achievement of permanent collection in Craiova, to value the contributions of minorities at what is today Oltenia;
  • Broadcasting of a short documentary (promo) with and about Gypsies and their deportation in Transnistria, in 1942, material made by Romeo Tiberiade- President of Gypsies Party;
  • Artistic program sustained by folk fiddler with traditional music.

The event benefited by covering in the media through: 10 articles published in online press; two articles published in the written press- in religious newspaper (Gazeta de Sud and Cuvantul Libertatii); 4 radio productions broadcasted on religious posts; a TV production broadcasted at local television of University- TeleU.

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