Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

The 7th cultural evening - October 19, 2015, Craiova
19 Oct. 2015

The 7th cultural evening was held on 19th of October 2015 at Craiova University House. The event is from activity 6.2. Conducting proper collection and events.

This cultural evening was held in a different format from the other evenings, offering the possibility of several ethnic groups to participate in an open debate about the opportunities and about the obstacles faced by the ethnic communities in promoting or carrying out specific projects. Thus there were invited eight ethnic communities, of which four have joined, namely: the Jewish community representative Mr. Abraham Francis, and the Gypsy community representative, Mr. Romeo Tiberias. The Albanian League community having as representative Ms Oana Manolescu, the Bulgarian community in Romania represented by Sădeanca Association’s vice president, Mr. Crum Mitricof. The meeting was attended by the representative operator program - Mrs. Cornelia Predoiu, European Affairs Adviser of the Project Management Unit, Ministry of Culture

The conference agenda included the following points:

  • brief presentation of the project of cultural events held so far and the projection of short montages that have tried to capture the contents of the two cultural evenings and workshops (representative moments of the events);
  • Mrs. Oana Manolescu, the Albanian community representative spoke about the legislation that supports national minorities in Romania by subsidizing some publications; as presented by invited, there are 20 recognized national minorities, of which only the party that wins the parliamentary elections can get state subsidies;
  • He said that ethnic Albanians are spread throughout the country, hence deriving a number of obstacles: the Albanian community has edited a magazine that helps to promote them, but Albanians League promotes and through various other actions of its leaders and members; launched an invitation to those present on November 2nd at an event to promote the Albanian community, which will take place at the School of Art in Craiova;
  • Mr. Romeo Tiberiade - representative of the Gypsy community - Roma Party of Craiova spoke about the opportunities for the presentation of cultural values (including this project represents an opportunity), but also the obstacles in the  communication with certain authorities and perception majority on ethnicity Roma;
  • intervention of experts for marking the progress and the new elements of the project in promoting inter-culturalism; progress in organizing the collection will include corners museum dedicated to ethnic, Challenges and Opportunities in organizing the collection represented by those ethnicities compact that place who kept better customs, artefacts, etc., are more difficult to access, and those dispersed specific identity preservation was difficult also for procuring objects included in the collection were needed for making acquisitions and donations, but also the reconstruction effort of objects; Nicu Panea point further project opportunities with the Association Craiova Cultural Capital in 2021; shares urgent need to protect cultural identities of ethnic minorities by developing specific projects
  • Dr. Abraham Francis, vice president of the Jewish Community in Oltenia presented some elements on cohabitation with the majority and contribute to community life;
  • Mr. Crum Mitricof - Vice President Association of Romanian ethnic Bulgarian "Sădeanca" Băileşti - described the community as active in promoting their culture and identity, stating that an important contribution in financing the events they carry have the Bulgarian state as and community members; also spoke about the weaknesses of laws pertaining to minorities, noting obstacles in obtaining the status of public utility association;
  • Operator program representative spoke about some technical matters relating to the funding program - the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014: public learned on this occasion that will be able to implement the projects initiated by the end of 2016, and within it there is a heritage reconstruction component; financial framework of this program for the period 2015-2018 in preparation, and currently there are negotiations at European level, which would create preconditions for its opening in 2017.