Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

The 6th cultural night - September 24th 2015
24 Sep. 2015

The 2nd cultural night was on September 24th 2015 at the Craiova Universitary House . The event is part of the Activity 6.2 , the actual presentation of the collection and of the events

This cultural night was dedicated to the Serbian community from Svinita Village, Mehedinti County and had 30 participants, amoung which : Nicolae Curici – the mayor of Svinita village, Mehedinti County, Mrs. Milka Balaci – project manager Townhall Svinita, Mehedinti County, experts of the project implementation team, students and other visitors interested in the theme of the project.

The event unfolded with the following moments:

The presentation of some historical data about the Serbian community from Svinita held by Nicolae Curici, the mayor of the township: over 90% of the Svinita inhabitants are Serbian and according to the historical data they are the oldest inhabitants of Serbian ethny from our country; the first Serbian ethnics settled in Svinita in 1200.


Because the township was isolated they succeeded in preserving their identity, their clothing, their habits; Svinita inhabitants speak a dialect of Serbian language, one of the oldest Slavic dialect’ Svinita is located in the west of Mehedinti county in the Danube Bay – marking one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, and the climate with strong  Mediteranean influences allows growing figs of which the inhabitants prepare special products ( such as jam, vodka) that they want to make into a special brand of the area; the young Sviniceni from the artistical bands take part to a number of festivals and shows where they present the clithing, the dances and the specific songs.


  presentation of aspects of community and cultural life presented by Ms. Milka Balaci – project manager of Svinita city hall: currently there are several plantations of figs in Svinita of which the inhabitants want to develop specific products and promote them nationally. Also, in Svinita there is a rich cultural life – anually in this village there are three festivals with a very old tradition such as the Danube villages festival  at its 36th edition, the oldest festival in the south-east of Romania to which all the ethnics by the Danube, The Figs Festival, that is at its 16th edition being highly mediatized and similar with another event that takes place in Macedonia, The Festival of fellowship with Serbia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

the members of the follk group Dunav participates pretty often to events and festivals from Serbia where there promote the Serbian community from Romania. The inhabitants of Svinita are old rite Orthodox and celebrate Christmas on January 7th; among the customs there is the custom of making a big bonefire out of oak branches, that keep alive the belief that the sound of the burning branches will cast away the evil spirits; for Easter there is a custom called „ the knocking of the eggs” : the red eggs are knocked as a symbols of Christ’sins.


The presentation of the traditional folk clothing by the members of the folk group Dunav – the costume for boys is made of shoes, socks, waistband, traousers, blouse; the girls costume is made of shoes , socks, skirt, waistband , blouse ; the items of the folk costume are homemade.

  • Svinitei mayor talked about the existence of a village museum in which there are preserved traditional objects collected from households of the inhabitants; the existence of bucket mills specific to the region, many in the past and the few that still exist today; the existence of a monument dedicated to the heroes of three wars (first and second World War and war veterans from the cave in 1782); the existence and common flag emblem;

The event received coverage in the media the following occurrences: 1 interview to Radio Romania Oltenia Craiova, 3 articles in online media, one article in print: Word Liberăţii 24 September 2015 "Convieţuiri" of 29 September 2015 achiever Gabriela Rusu Păsărin, lasted 10 min., Pulse radio programs broadcast at 13.10 on the day.

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