Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

The 5th Cultural Night – September 16th 2015, Craiova
16 Sep. 2015

The 5th cultural night took place on 16th of September 2015, at the Craiova Universitary House. The event is part of the 6.2 Activity, The actual exhibition of the collection and of the events.

This cultural night was dedicated to the Czech community from Eibenthal township, Mehedinti county and held over 30 participants among which teachers o Eibenthal Elementary School, Boemia Folk Band from Eibenthal, Coordinating Teacher Măriuța Doscocil, experts members of the projects implementation team, students and other visitors interested in the project topic.

The event included the following topics:

  • Deliver the project status: passed events and the stage of the implementation of the main activities that manage the interdisciplinary study and organizing the permanent collection.
  • Members of the Folk Band Boemia from Eibenthal performed artistic moments: songs and traditional dances
  • deliverance of historical facts about  the Czech community from Eibenthal by Ms. Bibescovici Milena, Eibenthal Eibenthal school teacher : the village was established in 1827 by settlement  of the Austro-Hungarian Empire time when Eibenthal also had Czech and German ethnics. The community was well know for its coal mines, and in 1847 the church, the parish and the school were established, poles for spreading of the culture and education, to the development of which the Czech majority had a large contribution. Today at Eibenthal school they also learn Czech language, the students participate to Czeck, Serbian and Russian language Olympics. Czech nationals support the Olympics by sponsorships and teachers’ contribution.
  • presenting aspects of the cultural and community life supported by Ms. Edvina Vagner, Eibenthal school teacher; the community is aged due to closing the mines and to the lack of employment for the young generation. The community still keeps on going the tradition of going to church, or keeping alive traditions and customs specific to Czech community as for example before Christmas children receive a statue from church and go from door to door with it and pray; for Easter, it is customary that boys go from door to door to sprinkle water over the un-married girls; also during Easter they organize the Farsang – a costume ball with raffle, at the end of which at midnight the best mask is awarded and that day symbolizes the beginning of the Easter fast.
  • the representatives of the Czech community brought two traditional cakes and shared them to the participants to taste.
  • Mr. Cornel Balosu curative expert of the permanent collection talked to the public about the permanent collection, encouraging the representatives of the Czech community to provide the items of cultural significance or clothing that pertains to the Czech culture, in order for the audience to become familiar with them.

The event was broadcasted in the media as follows: 4 online articles, 1 article in the written press in the Cuvantul Libertatii newspaper from September 16th, 1 interview on the local radio Romania – Oltenia Craiova Radio, special gues Gabriela Rusu, expert in communication. 1 news site on the University of Craiova website; the TV show “ Convietuiri”/”Dwellings” from September 17th 2015, organized by Gabriela Rusu-Pasarin, that lasted 8 minutes and 57 seconds, broadcasted at 13.10 in the Pulsul zilei Radio show.

The public appearances mentioned above can be found at the following links