Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

STUDY VISIT 7-9th of May 2015, OSLO NORWAY
07 May. 2015

 In the period of the 7-9 th of May 2015 occurred the study visit in Oslo Norway, to whom participated 12 experts of implementation teams in Romania: the project manager, technical consultant, the two field researchers, the two material and immaterial patrimony inventory experts of Patner 1- Institute of Ethnography and Folklore C. Brăiloiu- communication expert, procurement expert, international relations expert, sociology expert, collection curator expert and cultural studies coordinator. The visit is part of Activity 5 Exchange of experience and good practice between partner cultural organizations and it was hosted by Partner 2 MF- Norwegian Institute of Theology through the collaboration of two ethnic and religious studies experts.

The purpose of the study visit was knowing the valuation methods of traditions and values of ethnic minorities and implicitly integration of the minorities in Norwegian culture.

Agenda of study visit includes: 

  •  Visit Interculturalism Museum of Oslo dedicated to the minorities in Norway, the visit which oferred information about: developing legal framework of museum activity, exposure mode of objects and materials (interactive character of exposure, narrative museum), working mode with the members ofminority communities;
  • Visit of Museum in Oslo City where was exhibited a collection about the majority perception over a minority group which oferred information about: good practices about the integration mode of minority perspective, the presentation mode of minoroties' stories; 
  • Working meeting of implementation team: developed at Norwegian partner headquarter, visit included discussions about deadlines of activities, suggestions about technical and financial reporting to justify the achievement of activities.

After this study visit, each expert who participated there made a report which had relevant aspects of the visit in the report with duties and specific activities which they have to make during the project.

The study visit oferred to the experts new perspectives about the achievement of research study, as well as the formation of permanent collection.