Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

30 Sep. 2015

To develop the information and communication campaign was made a strategy, by a specialized firm contracted to achieve thee activities- which includes a developing detailed plan of the campaign, with deadlines, contents and specified information and communication instruments.

The campaign strategy develops on a period of time of eight months and includes the following types of instruments: 2 TV shows which distribution will cover S-W Oltenia being taken by local televisons; 2 radio shows where will take place a debate on cultural themes; radio campaign consisting of achievement of a radio spot and 40 broadcasts of it on regional radio station Kiss FM; TV cmpaign consisting of the achievement of a TV spot and 20 broadcasts of it on a local/regional post; the second TV campaign which will have 40 broadcasts of TV spot on local TV posts received in all 5 counties of S-W Oltenia; DVD presentation of the project which will consist of editing images in the activities developed in the project.

The campaign has remained pending, till the present being made the following: the achievement of  a TV show broadcasted in the whole S-W Oltenia (broadcasting "People, places, memories" taken by the televisions Alege TV, Euro Sud TV (Dolj), TV Sud (Gorj), Prima TV Slatina (Olt), Televiziunea Severin (Mehedinti), Banat TV (Caras-Severin); the achievement of a radio show where participated the coordinator of cultural studies and the expert curator, and its broadcasting on a regional radio station (Radio Sud), broadcast which information were disseminated about the progress of the project; in June 2015 was made a radion spot of 40 seconds, which had 40 broadcasts on a local post with wide audience; in July it was created a TV spot of 40 seconds which had a number of 20 broadcasts on a local TV post with wide audience and a TV report about the cultural evening which was held on the 23rd of July at University House in Craiova.