Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

30 Sep. 2015

To make the local permanent collection about the cultures of minorities were made the following actions: developing of acquisition procedures to populating the collection with religious and arts objects, patrimony objects; the achievement of a research and documentation to establish the type of objects and materials which will make te collection and to establish the narrative museum.  

Preparing of collection was in an advanced stage, the activity being in development till the end of October 2015.

Until the present were purchased the following objects and materials which will make the collection/necessary for collection: furniture- chairs (30 pieces, fixed seat with metal frame); furniture: backrest benches and wood blades 4 pieces; office equipment: HP Probook 450 G2 laptop; office equipment: videoprojection system, audio wireless system, wireless router; cultural patrimony objects, to wholeness the permanent collection: mannequines to expose the traditional suits (12 pieces); displays for exposure; lighting system.

About structure and collection content, the expert curator achieved the following: making and reading the general bibliography about this theme; map of main ethnic communities in Oltenia; researching questionnaires about the theme; theoretical and photographical syntesis about the traditional suits of ethnicities: Bulgrians, Gypsies, Albanians, Mecedonians, Italians, Serbs: worksheets about minorities' occupations; theme and previous plans of the Exhibition "Revitalization and promoting of ethnic minorities' cultural patrimony in Oltenia".

University of Craiova will host and arrange the exhibition in four halls of University House in Craiova.

The Exhibition "Revitalization and promoting of ethnic minorities' cultural patrimony in Oltenia" refers to socio-cultural life, especially, the 10 ethnicities who lived and still live in Oltenia: Gypsies, Mecedonians, Hebrews, Italians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Czechs, Armenians, Albanians, Serbs.

The types of objects which will be exposedto suggest or define as identity (mentality, religiously etc.) the minoritary ethnicities are the following: ethnic folk costume in older or new forms; interior fabrics (rugs, carpets, others ….); decorative ceramics; metal objects or utility; specific religious objects (icons, etc); historic, cutural, social documents; ornaments and decorative objects; photos; original or copies. About the immaterial patrimony, it will be suggested through holidays, songs, traditional plays, passing or calendar rites and rituals. The distribution of exhibition space will be about ethnicities and identity theme modules. The expert curator made the drawings about the arrangement of exhibition space.