Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

30 Sep. 2015

The achievement of the interdisciplinary study (documentation, elaboration) about the cultures of minorities in Oltenia will be finished at the end of September 2015.

An important component in the elaboration of the study was the documentation activity, sustained especially by the experts from the researching team, whose duties especially targeting the identification and the structure of some relevant aspects in evolution and during the integration of minorities in Oltenia. In this direction fits the documentation activity especially of the following experts from the reasearching team (the documentation activity was sustained by other experts from the researching team): the coordinator of cultural studies, the expert of interethnic studies and the expert of minorities' rights, both experts of ethnic and religious studies of Norwegian partner. The documentation through studying of some archives, some biographical sources, sociological studies, etc. There are in informational base, completing the assumptions checked and analyzed through field researching.

So, through the results of documentation activities are: a historic data base about the educational reality of minorities in Oltenia, summaries about the rights and the status of minorities in Oltenia, set of indigenous practices in relation to minorities in Oltenia, to the set of assumptions of intercultural dialogue.

The second significant component in the achievement of the study as the field researching, data collection through the applying of questionnaires, making interviews, collecting and structure of photographic material. From the researching team, the sociology expert, both field researchers, both material and immaterial patrimony inventory experts of Partner 2, made actions in this way.

Some of field researching actions made till the present have been: pretesting of research through the application of 40 questionnaires with Gypsies in Bals (Olt County), Craiova (Dolj County) and Novaci (Gorj County); application with Gypsies of other 64 questionnaires in Slatina and Stoenesti (Olt County); application of 20 questionnaires in Greek communities and 20 questionnaires in Italian community; small historic of Macedonian, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, Gypsy, Italian communities in Oltenia, as well as their habits and traditions reflected in spaciality studies, systematization and transcripton of field materials about Greek minority in Oltenia and about Dolj Interethnic Forum, the achievement of material about the historic of Catholic and Evangelical cemeteries in Craiova, the achievement of interviews with the representatives of minority communities: Greek (Ion Florin Pascoveanu), Polish (Lucian Dorovschi and Ludovic Dorovsci), Hebrew (Francisc Abraham).

At the present, the elaboration of the study is in an advanced stage, systematization and structure of information collected through documentation and field researching, to integrate in a unitary paper, various disciplinary perspectives addressed: sociology, religious, antroplogy, etc.