Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

Experience and good practice exchange visit, 6 -8th of April 2016
06 Apr. 2016

Between 6-8th of April 2016, the project manager together with the expert curator and the two field researchers participated to the experience and good practice exchange visit at Sibiu. This visit is part of activity A5. Experience and good practice exchange between partner cultural organizations.

The visit was hosted by Astra Museum Sibiu, a national notorious cultural institution that was implementing a project financed by the SEE Norway financial mechanism, programme PA16/RO12, entitled: ,,Open heritage. Increasing accessibility for public to multi-ethnic cultural values of ASTRA Museum heritage”; the themes of the two projects being similar, which is documenting and promoting the material and spiritual heritage of the ethnic minorities in the region, gave the Project Promoters the occasion to exchange useful information.

The participants from Astra Museum were: researchers, curators, the director of Astra Center for Heritage, museographers, heads of museum departments.

The visit contributed to: gaining knowledge on different approaches in implementing projects of this kind, learning good practices and disseminating information on projects’ achievements, but the visit also contributed to an extended understanding on interethnic experiences and awareness on reciprocal favourable influences. The agenda of the meeting was mutually agreed between the two institutions and included the following points: presentations of the two projects (activities, objectives, results), visits of the team from Craiova to project implementation locations (museum and restoration sites); exchange of publications and informative materials elaborated within projects implementation.

Discussions on possible future collaborations also took place during the visit – creating and implementing a common project, in partnership, to develop the themes, culture and traditions already approached through current projects.