Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

Cultural workshop in the Project “Revitalization and promotion of cultural patrimony of minorities from Oltenia in the context of cultural diversity”
25 Mar. 2015

University of Craiova through The Faculty of Letters in partnership with The Institute of Ethnography and Folklore  „Constantin Brăiloiu” of Romanian Academy and The Norwegian Institute of Theology, Oslo implement in the period 2014-2015 the project Revitalization and promotion of cultural patrimony of minorities in Oltenia in the context of cultural diverity, identification numbar LLP116/08.04.2014, funded in The Program PA17/RO13 „Promotion of diversity in culture and art in European Cultural patrimony” Grant SEE. The first cultural  workshop in the project will take place Wednesday, 25th of March 2015, 5p.m., in Aula Magna of Faculty of Law and Social Science in Craiova, Calea București Street, No. 107D, Craiova. There will participate the representatives of partners in Norway.

The project has main objectives the awareness of cultural diverity, promotion of cultural history of ethnic minorities in Oltenia among the general public, strenghten of the intercultural dialogue and the consolidation of bilateral relationships (Romanian-Norwegian) at institutional level, focusing on the exchange of good practices in the cultural area.


Associate Professor Gabriela Rusu, Expert in communication


Phone: 0744 361618