Revitalizarea și promovarea patrimoniului cultural al minorităților din Oltenia în contextul diversității culturale

Closing Conference of the project ,,Revitalization and promotion of cultural heritage of minorities in Oltenia in the context of cultural diversity’’
21 Apr. 2016

Unniversity of Craiova – Faculty of Letters, in partnership with the Romanian Academy Institute of Ethnography and Folklor ,,Constantin Brăiloiu” and with the Norwegian Institute of Theology from Oslo, have implemented between 2014-2016 the project ,, Revitalization and promotion of cultural patrimony of minorities from Oltenia in the context of cultural diversity”, identification number LLP116/08.04.2014, financed within the Programme PA17/RO13 ,,Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European Cultural Heritage”, SEE grant.

The following long term project Objectives have been reached throughout the implementation:

- increasing the level of knowledge on the cultural heritage of ethnic minorities from Oltenia, through analysis methods and scientific documentation (social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, sociology, cultural history, religion, visual arts, etc);

- organizing cultural events, involving as main actors: folklor carriers, researchers, artists, writers, representatives of ethnic minorities from Oltenia;

- promotion of cultural history of ethnic minorities from Oltenia among the general public, and highlithing the role that ethnic minorities had and still have on the socio-cultural climate from Oltenia;

- strenghtening bilateral relations (Romanian Norwegian) at institutional level, with a special focus on best practices in the cultural field.

The central theme of the events that took place within the community, throughout the project, highlighted the cultural diversity and the benefits of the ethnic cohabitation in a spirit of understanding.

The project closing conference took place on Thursday, 21st of April 2016, at Casa Universitarilor Craiova. The event gathered 40 participants: students, experts from the project team, media representatives – television – Tele U and Radio Craiova – visitors, NGO representatives, representatives of minority communities.

The project closing conference included two important moments: - launching the research study in Romanian and English languages, elaborated by the project team of experts: Minoritățile din Oltenia. Studii culturale / Minorities in Oltenia. Cultural studies (publishing house Târgoviște, 2015); varnishing the collection of the Oltenia minorities.

Conference participants have received a copy of the interdisciplinary study, along with the DVD containing both electronic version of the study, and a collage of artistic moments, speeches and interviews taken from events organized within the project.

The event benefited of coverage in local and regional media – the communication expert facilitated the following actions of information and publicity about the project closing conference: publication of 8 articles in online media, 2 interviews at Radio Romania Oltenia Craiova - producer Gabriela Rusu-Păsărin, 1 thematic program produced by Radio Romania Oltenia Craiova - producer Ludovic Vulea.

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